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Ultimate Sheet Metal Fabrication

Over eleven chapters and over 350 photos will teach you how to layout a project, stretch and shrink, build simple tooling, use the English Wheel, weld aluminum and steel and choose the right material. In an age when most products come off an assembly line at the rate of hundreds or thousands per hour an increasing number of individuals yearn to build a fender, hood or side cover by hand. Whether you're restoring an old Packard, building a unique hot rod, customizing your Harley-Davidson, or trying to keep an old biplane in the air, the parts you require can't be purchased from a catalog. Eleven chapters cover: Design and Layout, Tools and Materials, and Welding Sheet Metal. Included are Fabrication Sequences with skilled craftsmen like Ron Covell, Steve Davis, Bo Olson and Bob Munroe. Over 350 photographs document the creation of a motorcycle fender, an automobile fender, part of an airplane cowl, a hot rod deck lid, the body of a pedal car and a blower scoop. Presented here is the information you need to build your own sheet metal parts from steel or aluminum. From simple hand work with a hammer and dolly to sophisticated shaping with large power tools, this book covers the methods you need to shape sheet metal.

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